Caring For Your Shoes

TEN & Co. shoes are carefully hand-crafted in small batches of woven wool rugs and tapestries, and soft leathers and suedes.  Each style is made from a singular hide and textile, so you know your pair is special.  For this reason, some of the striping and patterns may vary slightly from the photo on the website, though this just means your pair of shoes is completely unique.  Please let us know before you purchase if you have concerns or would like to know more about the pair you are thinking of buying.

Each pair is lined with soft, strong canvas and has a little foam cushion in the heel.  Both the leather and rug material we use do expand a little and form to the shape of your foot.  Because of the thickness of some rugs and textiles, our shoes may run a little small.  Please see our sizing guide below to make the best choice.  Measure the bottom of a pair of shoes that fits you well and find the size on the chart that matches best.  Our returns and refund policy is in the FAQ.

As a precaution, it's probably best not to wear your TEN & Co.'s in heavy rain or mud, to avoid staining.  The soles of our shoes are leather as well, so if you walk a lot on city streets, we recommend having your cobbler attach rubber or bio-degradable soles to protect them.  You may also use a leather protector or a waterproofing spray on your shoes before you wear them.  If your pair is all or mostly rug textile, the edges may fray slightly with use, and you can just snip those bits off if you want. 

We want you to love your shoes as much as we love making them.  Please e-mail us with any questions or concerns!