Shoes steeped in history, made with care and designed with love. 

Every pair of TEN & Co. shoes is cut from unique vintage and antique hand-woven Moroccan rugs and supple leathers.  We scour rug auctions, souks, Marrakech flea markets and the Atlas mountains to find strong, colorful rugs and blankets that tell a story in each shoe.   Handmade in small batches by a cobbler in Marrakech, our shoes combine classic shapes with the vibrant colors and patterns of North Africa.  

TEN & Co. designer Tory Noll stumbled upon a tiny shoe shop in Marrakech and on a whim had a simple oxford made with a couple scraps of rug.  When her friends (and people on the street) wanted their own, she decided to go back Morocco and make a few more.  Since then, we have created several limited edition runs, ranging from earthy oranges and tan suedes to hot pink with patent leather detailing.  Since each style is made from one rug or woven blanket, every shoe is unique and bears the beauty and idiosyncrasies of the many hands that made it.  We are committed to simple, functional design and supporting the skilled craftsmen who make our shoes.  Above all, we aim to create beautiful, wearable footwear that reimagines the narrative of classic design. 

A makeshift design studio in Marrakech.